Wednesday 4 April 2012

To Advertise or Not Advertise - Part 3

Here are the last of our 5 Advertising Tips.

4. Don’t follow the competition

It’s good to be aware of your competitors, but a mistake to advertise in publications or other media just because they are doing so. You need to follow your own path, making sure you are targeting the right market for your business with the most appropriate media. If you’re not sure if a magazine or publication is not right for you, a tactic we use is to select one or two advertisers that offer non-competing products or services aimed at the same market and call them to ask what sort of response they’ve had from advertising in that particular publication. An honest appraisal is a better way to make an objective judgement on whether to advertise or not.

5. Support your advertising to give it the best chance of success

If you’re spending money on advertising, there are certain things you can do to make sure it has the best chance of success
  • Get the biggest size advert for the best possible price. Publication rate cards can often be negotiated down, particularly if they are booked at the last moment when advertising sales team want to fill the space.
  • Negotiate editorial to run with your advertising. A press release submitted with your advert can add context and credibility to your advertising offer. Case studies and testimonials are often easier to convey in editorial content than in a small advert.
  • Advertise on the right hand page – it’s where most readers look first when they turn the magazine pages, your advert is more likely to be seen. You won’t be charged any more for a right-hand page position, but more people will notice your advert.
  • Include your advertising message in your other marketing activities, including telephone marketing, direct marketing, email marketing, website marketing. It’s a great way to test your offer before you spend any money on advertising and it can also reinforce your advertising offer if it’s working for you.