Monday, 8 October 2012

Is Customer Service your ‘Leaking Bucket’?

So often the focus of business development is on acquiring new customers, but retaining customers and building their loyalty is just as important to keep their business. What can be learned from organisations that deliver great customer service?
In a recent survey by the Institute of Customer Service, the retailer Amazon achieved a Customer Satisfaction Index of 92, several points ahead of M&S, John Lewis and Boots. What’s more interesting is that the report showed a direct correlation between customer service and sales. The report gives the following reasons why Amazon is so good at customer service?
  • It creates a consistently excellent experience for its customers
  • It resolves customer complaints efficiently
There are no half measures when it comes to customer service. It’s either great or it’s poor and the impact on your bottom line can be immediate.  Work on the premise that if you deliver something so well people will want to buy again and again.

Here’s our top 10 tips for great customer service
  1. Put the customer at the centre of your business
  2. Plan ahead, be ready and be prepared - know how to react when something doesn’t go the way you expect (or your customer expects!)
  3. Have systems in place to help you manage situations efficiently
  4. Listen to customers, build goodwill and look for long term growth
  5. Use appropriate technology to benchmark customer needs, measure customer satisfaction and improve service
  6. Think quality, not money to build value for your customers
  7. Add communication channels to create opportunities to engage with your customers (nothing more frustrating for you customers than when they want to talk to someone and the telephone number is not published or available)
  8. Recruit and train ‘people-focussed’ people
  9. System for continual customer service improvement, based on going the extra inch, not miles!
  10. Empower employees to make decisions
We provide a systematic customer service insight and training programme that delivers outstanding customer experiences throughout your organisation, building repeat business & referrals, increasing sales & profit while cutting costs. It’s a win-win for you and for your customers! Contact us for more information 01778 424640