Wednesday 6 May 2015

"Invaluable insight and breadth of experience" - An Intern's perpective

We recently welcomed Josh, an Undergraduate at Leicester University, on a 3 week internship programme. Here's his account of the experience.

My internship with NBM Business Growth took place through April 2015, during which time I had the opportunity to explore a wide spectrum of responsibilities. I was given the chance to work closely with each member of the team on a variety of projects, both in direct connection with clients as well as working on promotion and development of the business itself.

By working closely with all team members, I was able to experience and understand the combinations of skills and expertise that they each contribute to the business, in order for it to function so successfully. My IT skills were enhanced through extensive use of Microsoft Excel, website design and modification, and the processing and organisation of PR materials. Market research also played a significant part in almost every day spent with NBM, representing the importance of this concept, as I was required to use various online tools in order to uncover the information and data required. I also gained an increased familiarity and ability with Prezi, which I used to produce and develop a lecture presentation for marketing students. It was also my responsibility to write multiple blogs for the website, and several press releases for events organised by the business which were to be featured in local newspapers.

In addition to these office-based tasks, I was fortunate to experience the interaction with clients first hand. I attended and observed business growth meetings with three different client businesses, noting the key outcomes from each meeting, which were fed back to the clients. These meetings gifted me an invaluable insight into the inner workings of a business, and what is required to achieve and maintain growth. Regular networking events allowed me an opportunity to build a list of contacts, both for the sake of NBM, but also on a personal level. Finally, in association with HSBC and the Business Growth Service, NBM participated in a ‘Gearing up for Growth’ conference, at which my role was front of house, meeting and greeting delegates.

The ranging responsibilities granted to me during my time with NBM have benefited me hugely in my personal development, and are key experiences that I can take forward when seeking employment elsewhere in the future.

My thanks go to Barbara, Nigel and Paula for their guidance and experience, and for giving me an invaluable opportunity to further my career prospects.

Josh Finch,
Undergraduate at the University of Leicester

NOTE from Barbara: No problem Josh - It was great to have someone like you, with enthusiasm and willingness to learn, to join us for a few weeks.