Friday 26 June 2015

7 Reasons to Consider a Coach

The world of sport is used to the concept of a coach and trainer as someone who motivates, challenges and inspires the athlete to better performance and greater achievements. Even those who excel in a sport rely on a coach. Andy Murray’s tennis improved under Ivan Lendl’s coaching expertise, finally achieving that Wimbledon win we all celebrated.

Similarly, business owners, leaders and managers can benefit from having a mentor or coach. I work with several who came looking for help and support because they were experiencing one or more of the following seven symptoms.

1.     You believe that the business will suffer if you are not there all the time; taking a holiday is out of the question
2.     You feel you are married to your business and that it demands working all hours
3.     Your business does not generate enough profit to justify your efforts
4.     You have fallen out of love with your business
5.     You have a lot of business experience, however you haven’t invested in yourself in years
6.     You have lost sight of where the business is going and why
7.     Because you are already good and recognise that it’s going to take that bit extra to become OUTSTANDING

So what makes a good coach and what results can you expect from working with one?

Faye, the Managing Director of Running Imp in Lincoln who I coach said this,
“From the first time I heard Paula Finch speaking at a business seminar, I knew I wanted to work with her, by chance or rather fate she became our business coach at Running Imp on the Growth Accelerator. Paula has transformed my thought process and techniques allowing me to spend more time on high value areas in the business by giving some control to the Senior Management Team. We now have a clear direction of where we are going and have implanted the tools required to ensure success. If you want impressive high end business mentoring I recommend Paula to any serious business looking to get results and have a clear plan of the future ahead."

So if you want results for you, your team and your business, with funding options available, call Paula on 01778 424640 today – it could be the one change that makes the biggest difference.